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New review just out for Sex Positive

New review just out for Sex Positive

A New Review of Sex Positive from California Bookwatch:

Sex Positive: Redefining our Attitudes to Love and Sex comes from a social psychologist whose visions of the future have resulted in a broad fan base of radio and media followers. Her views of how technology is changing psychological patterns and cultural influences, especially in the area of sexual freedom and exploration, are presented in this book, which advocates such explorations and the acceptance and innovations that should ideally come with them.

Dr. Kelly Neff holds a daunting charge: to refute centuries of religious, political, social and cultural teachings. On her side is her determination to not just disrupt traditional thoughts about sexuality and unions, but paint a positive portrait of the future based on scientific sexology research, a blend of philosophies and spiritual insights from East and West, and social observation of the changing society around her.

From transforming individual sexual identities to changing community makeup and tolerance for this change, Sex Positive is at once a documentation of this process, an enlightened look at its impact, and a toolkit for those interested in forming new ‘Sex Positive’ relationships in their lives. This kit demonstrates how they can safely experiment, find a soulmate, and test the waters of sexual and social change.

Sex Positive takes much of the guesswork and uncertainty out of understanding the new challenges of social and sexual relationships. It fosters an easy understanding of the obstacles, positive solutions to common issues, and underlying influences on sexual behaviors and development and does so in a manner that is accepting, encouraging, educational and easy to absorb.

Perhaps one of the next steps in the human evolutionary process, Dr. Neff’s definition of the nature, presence, and positive force of sexuality embraces many futuristic visions and questions, from robots and sexual involvements to the nature and achievement of orgasms. Sex Positive probes a hot topic of learned and changing behavior patterns in a survey that any young person, Millennials and earlier, will want to consider.

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